Secret of the day
Right on cue
Got a feeling
No time
Crossing the bridge


Open up your eyes
Turn around your head
Prick up your ears
Remember what youíve read

The seditionís on the rise
And sidles up to you
And if youíre not aware of
It will become true

Oh you think youíre so clever
You think youíre so smart
And that no one can get you
No one can make you fall apart

But thereís one thing I know
They grab you by the throat
And by the neck and youíre just trying now
To get off the sinking boat
But they say:

Hey Ė donít you dare!
You gotta believe in
In me and my way

They say:
Hey Ė donít you dare!
You gotta believe in
In our way

Look at
The ones who got into gear
Those who turn the wheels
Donít you feel kinda strange
To be led by tweeds

But if you can out their lies
As only mindless rhymes
Look behind those stupid eyes
Full of foolish signs

But if you need someoneís help
Iíll be there right on time
To pull you out of the wallow
And get you back on-line

Again a thing I know
One thing I see
The Politicians worldwide
Are not on your side
Just take them for a ride!
And I say:

Hey Ė we all gotta wake
and start to believe in
in our own ways

I say:
Hey Ė please would you dare
To start to believe in
Your own way

Together we wonít fail
Together we wonít fail
Thatís the thing I know at last
Together we wonít fail